Grammar School



  • Pursue academic excellence
  • Celebrate achievement and participation
  • Guide and nurture individual development
  • Appreciate cultural diversity
  • Promote human rights and responsibilities
  • Cherish  the community and the environment
  • Promote spiritual, moral and ethical values
  • Promote loyalty, pride, spirit, belonging and caring


Academic Progress
The Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre is committed to providing an excellent education for all students enabling them to enjoy and achieve high levels of learning. We address the diverse needs and aspirations of our students, offering an excellent foundation in all aspects of learning, to challenge and prepare them for a successful future.

Personal Development
The Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre recognises and nurtures each student as a unique person. We are dedicated to developing in our students the qualities and skills necessary to become safe, healthy, confident, self-motivated and independent individuals prepared for the responsibilities of adult life and their own economic well-being.

Tolerance and Awareness
The Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre actively promotes respect and tolerance as well as environmental and social awareness. We encourage our students to make a positive contribution and become committed and valued members of our school and, by supporting internationalism and inter-culturalism, responsible citizens of the world.

Embedding Technologies

Guernsey Grammar School & Sixth Form Centre recognises that digital literacy is essential in preparing all our students to particiapte in the rapidly changing world in which we learn, work and play. Through embedding technologies we wish to personalise students learning, increase engagement and expand their tools to enable independent and life-long learning. We aim to develop a learning community where all our members are empowered by technology and are able to make informed judgments about when and where to use it to best effect.

The school will measure its effectiveness by: student, teacher, parent and Education Department feedback, the validation process, external examination results and other performance indicator data, internal monitoring and evaluation procedures and the continuing professional development programme.

FOR SCHOOL AIM 1: Academic Progress

We will ensure the quality of our education by:

  • providing a curriculum, based upon, and where appropriate enhancing the Guernsey Curriculum
  • systematically reviewing the curriculum to meet the needs of our students in the ever changing world
  • maintaining an excellent learning environment with the best teaching resources available to us
  • addressing the individual needs of all students including the gifted and talented
  • maintaining class sizes which maximise opp ortunities f or individual learning and a favourable teacher/student ratio
  • providing a broad range of extra-curricular opp ortunities
  • recruiting and retaining well qualified, experienced and effective staff
  • assessing students’ attainment and progress throughout their school career
  • providing regular feedback on progress to students and parents
  • regularly reviewing school performance through monit oring and evaluation
  • providing quality professional development f or staff
  • being open to new thinking and ideas
  • using technology to enhance the learning experience
  • recognising that different teaching methodologies are essential for effective learning to take place

so that our students are equipped to succeed in other education systems, enter higher education and the world of work

FOR SCHOOL AIM 2: Personal Development

We will ensure the development of each individual student by:

  • ensuring a secure and caring environment where all students experience success
  • encouraging and developing leadership skills, and the ability to cooperate as part of a team
  • encouraging resilience and an ability to engage with change
  • fostering secure values, beliefs and morals by developing self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect
  • responding to individual circumstances
  • recognising and rewarding participation and achievement
  • providing a learning environment that ensures independent study and group work are meaningful and rewarding
  • offering enjoyable and exciting approaches and opp ortunities to stimulate enthusiasm and motivation f or learning
  • encouraging students to apply their learning to new situations
  • fostering a sense of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • promoting the importance of healthy lifestyles and informed decision making

so that students become confident, self-motivated and independent lifelong learners

FOR SCHOOL AIM 3: Tolerance and Awareness

We will ensure that our students have an appreciation of the imp ortant role they play as members of the school and of the local and international community by:

  • maximising opp ortunities for students to participate in school activities
  • encouraging students to take pride in themselves and in their school
  • promoting an ethos of mutual respect and supp ort in the school community
  • developing appropriate role models for our school community
  • promoting social awareness through actively encouraging all students to initiate and support charity work
  • teaching students to respect and care for the environment
  • enriching our curriculum with a wide variety of opportunities and a range of intercultural experiences
  • observing the spirit of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights
  • developing knowledge and understanding of the world, the Bailiwick’s place in it and appreciate local heritage and community


We will enable and encourage our students to utilise technologies by:

  • providing a safe environment in school through which students can develop the range of skills, behaviour and understanding needed to use technology in a secure and appropriate manner.
  • developing an infrastructure which enables students to access appropriate and high quality e-learning materials and devices.
  • creating a flexible learning environment through utlising the school Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to broaden and maximise access to learning within and beyond school, developing a personalised, independent learning experience.
  • offering a wide range of high quality experiences of digital skills and application across the curriculum.
  • promoting social interaction and collaborative working both within school and the wider global community.
  • enabling secure and reliable communication between school, parents and students.
  • frequently reviewing, evaluating and updating our use and provision of technology within the school curriculum.
  • providing opportunities to explore the potential of emerging technologies, new initiatives and pedagogical practices to further enhance teaching and learning.

so that they develop as respectful, tolerant and self-aware individuals who will become responsible citizens of the world


For any queries on dates, please contact the school on 256571. A weekly calendar is sent to parents for both the lower school and Sixth Form Centre. 

The school term dates can be accessed from the Education Departments website.

Request for Leave of Absence
Parents are advised that leave of absence taken in term time have a serious effect on on school work.  In accordance with the islands Attendance Policy, requests to take a student out of school should be made in writing to the Headteacher by completing the attached form. 

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