Grammar School


Liz Coffey 

Elizabeth Coffey; Headteacher 

Martin Haimes; Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)


Kieran James; Deputy Headteacher (Director of Sixth Form)



Theresa Garn; Assistant Headteacher (Data and Assessment)

Nicola Harper

Miss Nicola Harper; Assistant Headteacher (Student Progress and Welfare)

Mike Elward

Mr Mike Elward; Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)

Mr John Falla; Business Manager

Other Whole School Management

Whole School Responsibility

Stuart Nicholson - Examinations Officer

Rebekah Kellow - Additional Needs Co-ordinator

James Midgley - IB Co-ordinator


Core Subjects



Emma Beardsall - Head of Faculty

Emma Stumpf - Second in English Department



Malcolm O’Donnell - Head of Faculty

Will Bird - Second in Department      

Carl Dawson - Co-ordinator of KS5



Hilary Beasley - Head of Faculty

Caroline Ulyatt - Head of Biology

James Midgley - Head of Chemistry

Andy Breslin - Head of Physics


Modern Foreign Languages

Jane Romanillos - Head of MFL

Rodolphe Jaget - Second in MFL Department


Foundation Subjects



Sarah Nicolle - Head of Art and Crafts

Hannah Bonner - KS3 Art


Business Studies

Neale McCarley - Head of Business Studies



Doug Belford - Careers and Guidance Manager


Design and Technology

Joanne Harman - Curriculum Lead: Food Technology

Chris Gillespie - Head of Graphical Communication

Yvonne Berger - Curriculum Lead: Design Technology; Resistant Materials


Drama and Theatre Studies

Mathew Walters - Curriculum Lead: Drama and Theatre Studies



Karl Moherndl - Head of Geography

Sally Le Poidevin - Second in Geography 



Chris Bentley - Head of History


Information and Communication Technology

Pippa Higgs - Head of ICT



Debbie Bideau - Head of Music


Physical Education

Chris Du Feu - Head of Physical Education

Elena Johnson - Second in Department

Ashly Ward - KS5 Coordinator



Jackie Davies - Head of PSHE and Citizenship


Religious Studies

Paul Montague - Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy

Nicole Le Goupillot - Co-ordinator of KS5


Post 16 Subjects

Sally Le Poidevin - Head of Environmental Science

Neale McCarley - Head of Economics

Ed Gregson - Head of Film and Media Studies

Carrie Carr - Head of Photography

Gillian Kingsley - Head of Psychology

Paul Montague - Theory of Knowledge Co-ordinator

Claire Senn - Extended Project Qualification Leader


Progress Leaders

Sue Gaudion - Head of Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

Maddie Ellert - Lead Tutor: Year 8

Matt Copeland - Head of Year 9

Vicki Langlois - Head of Year 10

Jane Macgregor - Head of Year 11

Nicola Papworth - Sixth Form Manager Year 12

Charlee Hales - Sixth Form Manager Year 13

Ed Gregson - Year 12 Personal Development Coordinator

Ashly Ward - Year 12 Progress Tutor (12.1 - 12.7)

Debbie Bideau - Year 12 Progress Tutor (12.8 - 12.14)




For any queries on dates, please contact the school on 256571. A weekly calendar is sent to parents for both the lower school and Sixth Form Centre. 

The school term dates can be accessed from the Education Departments website.

Request for Leave of Absence
Parents are advised that leave of absence taken in term time have a serious effect on on school work.  In accordance with the islands Attendance Policy, requests to take a student out of school should be made in writing to the Headteacher by completing the attached form. 

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