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CASHEL - Pizza Box

Product Description: A take away pizza box, a menu and a card counter dispenser.

Student Statement: I had a good time designing the product range and really felt it improved my knowledge and showed the complexities of some packaging, I also gained in-depth knowledge of CAD programmes.

TOM - Recylaphone

Product Description: A full size foam mobile phone with packaging for the company ‘Recyclaphone’, and some promotional material.

Student Statement: I enjoyed designing the mobile phone, and found designing the packaging challenging yet interesting. I am very pleased with my final result as I feel it fits the brief, as well as looking like a real mobile phone. The most pleasing part of my final result is the fact that the packaging is completely recyclable.

MAGGIE - Pop-up Book

Product Description: A5 pop-up book aimed at children about the zoo.


Construction: CAD used to design the pages, printed out and cut and stuck by hand.

CIERAN - CD Case Project

Product Brief:
A fourfold CD case with CD and relevant information and an item, which incorporates a smart material.


Student Statement: I didn’t really enjoy making this project whereas I liked designing and researching the different aspects. I wasn’t too happy with the end result as I felt that it wasn’t of a high enough standard.

SAM - Pizza Box Project

Product Description: A full size pizza box with a smart material.

Construction: I designed the net of the pizza box, menu and menu dispenser on 2D design V2 and then used the CNC machine to cut out the menu and menu dispenser, however due to the size of my pizza box I manually cut it out with a Stanley knife.

CHARLIE - Pizza Box Project

Product Brief: To design and make a pizza box, menu and card menu holder for a new and up-coming pizza restaurant ‘Milano’.

Student Statement: Researching this topic was of great interest to me as it revealed the tastes of my current target market. I realised colours, food favourites and topics which they enjoy most. Including this into my design was challenging but relieving once finished. Seeing my final prototypes gave me a great sense of achievement.

DAVID - Pizza Box Project

Product Brief: Design Products for the Milano pizza company. It should include a pizza box that can hold a 250mm pizza, a menu and a card counter dispenser. The pizza box should also include a smart material that shows the temperature of the pizza.

Student Statement: I am quite pleased with the outcome of my project. I think that all my products were well designed. But I think the finish of the products wasn’t what I would have hoped it would have been. The box graphics didn’t cover the whole of the box and so there were gaps where cardboard was visible. They also could peel off quite easily if the user tried hard enough. The Card Counter Dispenser didn’t assemble as well as I would have hoped. But I am still happy with the outcome of my project.

JAMIE - Pizza Box Project


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