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Advice For Students Looking At Accountancy

PwC Channel Island opportunities for A level students:

PwC UK - back ground details on accountancy:

KPMG simulated audit:

Kent university Accountancy careers page re interviews (worth a detailed look):

Top tips for preparation for a Guernsey based interview:

Be able to talk about yourself, hobbies, clubs, sports, studies, A Level subjects, challenges faced, strengths weaknesses, ambitions, where you have challenged, what you are passionate about. If you took part, what skills did you gain from Young Enterprise or D of E. Remember, the more time you talk about yourself the less time for some more challenging and targeted questions!

Be able to talk about ACCA and ACA, the two main qualifications on offer:
• ACA -
• ACCA -

Local finance industry
Have an awareness of the different sectors of the finance industry, all of whom need both in house accountants and accountancy firms to audit and advise them. See the 5 tabs at the top of this website for a neat summary:

Local awareness
Read the local paper to be aware of current issues.

  • Be able to summarise the whole zero ten issue to date at a very high level (say in 60 seconds), what necessitated a change 2 yrs ago, why it might now change again, possible impacts on Guernsey. (15 mins with a business studies teacher should sort this).
  • Should Jersey and Guernsey work more closely together to have a louder voice or have different strategies and each have areas of particular expertise, discuss?
  • How should the States prioritise the current capital projects being proposed whilst having reduced income (schools, harbour, incinerator, sewage, Castel hospital etc).
  • Be able to demonstrate an interest in the local environment around you.

International awareness
Current hot topic for interviews is what caused the credit crunch and recession - only need high level awareness, don't memorise it! - see

  • Read a quality newspaper for the week before the interview, as you may occasionally be asked to offer a view on a topic to see how you perform under pressure e.g. UK politicians expenses, Global warming and emissions targets, UK government finances, Afghanistan strategy, pensions crisis, what UK gov't can do regarding flooding e.g. Cumbria, impact due to insurance companies refusing to cover ever larger areas for home insurance, what can be and is being done to try and prevent a repeat of the credit crunch going forward. If you really have no idea on a topic don't be afraid to say so, companies do not want blaggers who don't know when they are out of their depth. So such a questioning route is sometimes used if people appear overly confident.
  • Be able to demonstrate an interest in global issues.

Know what you have written on your CV inside out. If you have written about any particular skills, be able to quickly give examples. 

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