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Examination Board:    AQA

Course Tutor:   Mrs S Le Poidevin

Costs: Possible approximate cost for field trips eg to Jersey and Herm £100

Course outline: It is hoped that students will be able to identify and appreciate the inter-relationships within the environment, particularly between the human population and different ecosystems locally and from around the world.  The subject has a practical and investigative approach to the study of our environment.

Teaching and Learning Styles:  Many of the issues under consideration are of immediate concern and it is hoped that the course will lead to an appreciation and greater understanding of the important environmental problems that face us today. Global Climatic change, conservation and the sustainability of environmental resources such as water and fossil fuels will be studied with several other topics.

The course involves some active approaches and students should be prepared to be involved in class room based power points, discussions, role-play, group and individual assignments, as well as enquiry based field and practical work.  

AS Level:  Consists of 2 units

Unit 1 The Living Environment

  • Reasons why the conservation of life on Earth is important.

  • Methods which may be used to achieve effective conservation.

  • Conservation in the UK, coral reefs, Antarctica, and tropical rainforests

  • Ecological relationships between organisms and their abiotic (non living) and biotic (living) environment

Unit 2 The Physical Environment

  • The physical resources such as atmospheric gases, water, and mineral nutrients which are essential for life on Earth

  • Human exploitation and the management of the physical resources to provide higher material living standards

  • The unsustainable use of the physical resources

Assessment: Each of the units will be examined by written papers. 1x1hr. for Unit1 (40%) and 1x1hr. 30 minutes for Unit 2 (60%)

A2 Level:  Consists of 2 further units

Unit 3. Energy Resources and Environmental Pollution

  • The future problems of energy supply and how these may be resolved.

  • Properties of pollutants to explain why some materials or forms of energy cause environmental damage.

  • Ways of minimizing pollution, treating effluents and managing the damage caused by atmospheric, aquatic and terrestrial pollutants.

Unit 4. Biological Resources and Sustainability

  • Factors controlling human population growth in relation to the demands placed upon the planet’s resources and life support systems.

  • Food and forestry production systems and the environmental problems caused by these systems and how they can be addressed.

  • The study of the sustainability of human lifestyles

Assessment:  Units 3 and 4 will be assessed by terminal examinations of equal weighting.  1x1hour 30 minutes for Unit 3 and 1x2 hours for Unit 4. Each unit will provide 25% of the final ‘A’ Level mark total.

Additional Information

Environmental Studies will be of interest to the specialist who wishes to pursue environmental themes and courses of study.  It could also be chosen in order to broaden a student’s sixth form curriculum and provide a more scientific aspect to an essentially arts based combination.  There is therefore a wide choice of ‘AS/A2’ combinations that could comfortably include Environmental Studies.  The subject would be a useful qualification for a wide range of further education courses, and provide the knowledge and skills for a variety of career opportunities.  The course is intended to be stimulating, interesting, enjoyable, and lead to greater environmental awareness.  


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