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Post-16 students are accepted in accordance with the whole school entry requirements and are allocated five periods per week.

The French teaching in Years 12 and 13 is usually split between 2 members of staff.

The French field study visit to Normandy (Caen University) in the Spring Term of Year 12 is considered essential for A2 and is highly recommended for AS students.  Click here to read about the last year's A level French trip and here to find out why you should consider taking French at A level.


Examination Board: AQA

Course Tutors: Mr R Jaget, Mr M Cunningham

French field study visit to Normandy (Caen University) (Spring Term of year 12) participation considered essential for A2, recommended for AS.

AS Level

Course outline:  The topics of Media, Popular Culture, Healthy Living/Lifestyle and Family/Relationships are studied, allowing students to develop understanding of, and the ability to communicate in, spoken and written forms of French, and at the same time, develop their knowledge of France and the French-speaking world.  

Teaching and Learning Styles:  Mixed skill and communicative methods of teaching are used, following on from teacher presentation. Pairwork, groupwork, class discussion, listening tasks, video and computing tasks, as well as individual and group research.  The starting point will often be a text, from which different types of task will emerge.  The study of grammar is naturally an important part of the course.

Units: 1   Listening, Reading and Writing

1   Speaking Test

Assessment: 1   Listening, reading and writing exam: 2hrs (70% AS / 35% A2)  

2   Oral exam: 35mins including 20mins preparation (30% AS / 15% A2)  

A2 Level

Course outline: The topics studied are: Environment, Multicultural Society, Contemporary Social Issues and two cultural topics eg the work of an author, director or painter.   Study at this level will provide a sufficient basis for further study at degree level.

Teaching and Learning Styles:  As AS

Units: 3    Listening, Reading and Writing

  1. Speaking Test

Assessment: 3    Listening, reading and writing exam: 2hrs 30mins (35% A2)

4    Oral exam: 35mins including 20mins preparation (15% A2)



International Baccalaureate Group 2: Second Language

Modern Foreign Languages: Ab initio, Standard and Higher Level

In today’s increasingly globalised society, language skills are becoming more and more important.  Companies take a high view of multi-lingual staff; having linguistic competence in another language undoubtedly gives a student the edge as far as employers are concerned.  However, apart from the career prospects, learning a language is a highly rewarding experience which provides the linguistic and cultural awareness to get by in a foreign country.

The IB Modern Language courses provide students with the opportunity to acquire or develop an additional language and to promote an understanding of other cultures through the study of language. The course allows students to access the target language by studying it as a beginner at ab initio level, or as someone with prior experience of the language.  The standard and higher courses are both demanding and rewarding, and are designed for students who possess a degree of knowledge and experience in the target language.

Ab initio

The Ab initio course is suitable both for students with no previous knowledge of the language, or for students who have acquired some understanding of the language.  Over the two years of study, basic linguistic skills are developed to enable competence in day-to-day situations using the foreign language at home or abroad.  Topics covered include: The Individual, Education and work, Town and services, Food and drink, Leisure and travel, The Environment, and Health  Issues.

Standard Level

Standard Level is for those students who have already studied the language and who wish to develop their skills beyond basic level.  Students should have achieved a minimum of a C grade at GCSE in the target language to access this course.

Higher Level

The Higher Level course develops linguistic competence to a high level, enabling discussion of complex issues in the foreign language.  Students are expected to study two works of literature during the course.  It is intended for those students who plan on a career which requires language skills, or for those wishing to continue their language studies at a higher level.  Students should have achieved a minimum of a B grade at GCSE in the target language to access this course.

The grid below shows which levels are available in each of the languages offered:


Ab initio

Standard Level

Higher Level



These courses are offered subject to demand on a year-to-year basis.  The Sixth Form Centre reserves the right not to offer a course in any one year if there is insufficient demand or staffing does not allow it.


External 70%  from 2 papers, which test reading and writing skills

Internal 30% from 2 interactive oral exercises


For any queries on dates, please contact the school on 256571. A weekly calendar is sent to parents for both the lower school and Sixth Form Centre. 

The school term dates can be accessed from the Education Departments website.

Request for Leave of Absence
Parents are advised that leave of absence taken in term time have a serious effect on on school work.  In accordance with the islands Attendance Policy, requests to take a student out of school should be made in writing to the Headteacher by completing the attached form. 

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