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Examination Board: Edexcel

Course Tutors: Mr K Moherndl, Mrs E Rowe

Costs: Approximately £275 towards a subsidised field trip to South Devon.


Geography allows you to see why and how the world in which we live is changing.  Our chosen A Level is engaging and relevant, taking a fresh approach to many issues currently facing the globe. It can enhance communication skills, literacy, numeracy, IT literacy, spatial awareness, enquiry skills, problem solving and environmental awareness.  

AS Level

You will study global themes, and will discover how your own actions relate to the wider world, be it your local area or further away. Whilst the content will both build on existing knowledge, it will also introduce new concepts and ideas.

Unit 1 – Global Challenges

The unit explores the causes and impacts of a number of headline global issues. It will give you an opportunity to evaluate existing attempts to manage these problems. Issues explored in this unit will include global hazards, climate change, global economic change, population dynamics and migration.

Assessment is through a 1 hour and 30 minutes examination (60% of AS Level; 30% of A Level).

Unit 2 – Geographical Investigations

In this unit, you will study Extreme Weather and Rebranding Places. This unit explores how we might best manage some of the challenges we face from the natural world. You will also focus on our need to better manage rural and urban places. Fieldwork is an essential part of this unit, and whilst the use of local places is made, the majority of our investigations will take place on the compulsory trip to South Devon in March of Y12.

Assessment is through a 1 hour and 15 minutes examination (40% of AS Level; 20% of A Level).

A2 Level

You will learn how the use and management of resources is contested and a key issue in today’s world. You will also investigate how and why consumption patterns highlight the stark inequalities between places and people. You will also significantly develop your own independent research skills. There are two units.

Unit 3 - Contested Planet

This unit focuses on six compulsory themes:

  • Energy Security
  • Biodiversity under Threat
  • Bridging the Development Gap
  • Water Conflicts
  • Superpower Geographies
  • The ‘Technological Fix’

Assessment is a 2 hour and 30 minutes examination in two sections. You will have to answer two questions from five in Section A and all questions in Section B. The unit accounts for 30% of the A Level.

Unit 4 - Geographical Research

This will allow you to develop further your investigative skills through independent study into one of the following topics:

  • Tectonic Activity
  • The Food Supply Problem
  • Pollution and Human Health
  • Cold Environments
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Consuming the Rural Landscape

Teaching and Learning Styles

The course follows an investigative approach to learning, where you will have the opportunity to develop research and fieldwork skills.  An enthusiastic interest in current affairs is assumed. Fieldwork will be used where relevant. Lessons will include opportunities for student-led discussion, group work and presentations. It is expected that students will complete a significant amount of background reading and research away from the lessons.



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