Grammar School



Examination Board: Edexcel

Course Tutors:   Mr M O’Donnell Mr D Allen Mr W Bird

Mrs J Sherbourne Mr P Jury Mr G Scullion

Teaching and Learning Styles: Teacher-led class teaching, together with student work using graphical calculators and computer applications such as Autograph.

AS and A2 Mathematics are taught and examined in the following modular units:

AS Units

Core Mathematics 1 (C1)

Indices and surds; Polynomials; Coordinate geometry and graphs; Differentiation.

Core Mathematics 2 (C2)

Trigonometry; Sequences and series; Algebra; Integration.

Decision Mathematics 1 (D1)

Algorithms; Graph theory; Networks; Linear Programming.

Statistics 1 (S1)

Representation of data, Probability: Discrete random variables; Bivariate data

Mechanics (M1)

Force as a vector; Equilibrum of a particle; Kinematics of motion in a straight line;

Newton’s laws of motion; Linear momentum.

Further Pure 1 (FP1) (4725)

Summation of series; Proof by Induction; Roots of polynomials; Complex numbers;



A2 Units

Core Mathematics 3 (C3)

Algebra and functions; Trigonometry; Differentiation and integration; Numerical methods.

Core Mathematics 4 (C4)

Algebra and graphs; Differentiation and integration; Differential equations; Vectors.

Further Pure 2 (FP2)

Rational functions; Polar coordinates; Hyperbolic functions; Differentiation and integration; Numerical methods.

Mechanics 2 (M2)

Centre of mass, Equilibrium of a rigid body; Projectile motion; Coefficient of restitution and impulse, Energy, work and power

Statistics 2 (S2)

Continuous random variables; Normal distribution; Poisson distribution; Sampling and hypothesis tests

Decision Mathematics 2

Game theory; Flows in a network; Matching and allocating problems; Critical path analysis; Dynamic programming.

Scheme of Assessment:  Units at AS Level have been designed for candidates following the first year of a two-year Advanced GCE course, or to supplement study of A2 level units in the second year.

Units at A2 Level have been designed only for candidates following the second year of a two-year Advanced GCE course.

Assessment is by means of three units of assessment for Advanced Subsidiary GCE and six units of assessment for Advanced GCE.

The following combinations of units are available for certification.

Certification Title & Number

Units Required

Advanced Subsidiary GCE in


C1, C2 and one of either M1, S1 or D1.

Advanced Subsidiary GCE in

Further Mathematics

FP1 and two of either M1, S1 or D1

plus completion of AS Mathematics*

Advanced GCE in


C1, C2, C3 and C4, together with two from either M1, S1 or D1, or S1 and S2

Advanced GCE in

Further Mathematics

FP1 and FP2 and four units from M1, M2, S1, S2, D1 or D2

plus completion of A2 Mathematics*

*Candidates wishing to study AS/A2 Further Mathematics must have studied, or be studying concurrently, the corresponding AS/A2 Mathematics course.

Question Paper Requirements

For each unit in the scheme, the Question Paper consists of a number of questions of different lengths and mark allocations. The total mark for each paper is 75. Candidates attempt all questions. Each question paper has duration of 1 hour 30 minutes.

Question papers are designed to have a gradient of difficulty, with the more straightforward questions towards the beginning of the paper, and more demanding questions towards the end. Where appropriate there is also a gradient of difficulty within individual questions.

No calculators may be used in answering unit C1. For all other units candidates may use a graphic calculator if they wish. Computers and calculators with computer algebra functions are not permitted in any of the units.

There is no requirement for coursework associated with any of the units in these qualifications.

Please Note:  An A* or A grade at GCSE is strongly recommended for entry onto these demanding and academic courses. Candidates with a grade B should obtain a personal written recommendation from their current Mathematics teacher.



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