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A Level Photography is an exciting and innovative course which aims to develop and encourage both practical photographic artwork and analysis of images.  Students will develop an understanding of photographic composition and both traditional and digital processes, developing sensitivity towards the creative and imaginative application of imagery.  Students are encouraged to explore social, cultural and critical issues, particularly in relation to popular culture, the mass media and issues in contemporary photographic practice.  Students are expected to employ creative approaches to their work which go beyond the mere observation and recording.

Essential course equipment must be purchased for this course.  Please click on the link below to access the equipment requirements:

Alex Laurent

Image by Alex Laurent


The course is separated into 4 units spread over the 2 years:

Tutors:  Miss C Carr - Head of Photography

Mr M Parry - Teacher of Photography


Examination Board: OCR

Costs:  Candidates are required to purchase a DSLR camera.  Advice is always available.  Some photographic paper and film will be provided for group workshops but students are asked to buy their own supplies for individual projects as individual requirements vary from student to student.

AS Level

Course Outline:  Foundation course.  The course begins with an introduction to the principles of Photography.  Students will investigate themes and genres to create projects fully exploring both traditional darkroom and digital processes.  The aim will be for students to use the camera as a creative tool to visually communicate a range of subjects.  Short tasks, both practical and written, will build knowledge and develop a portfolio of work.  The course concludes with a practical examination project, in which the students explore a given theme and produce a body of work.

Teaching and Learning Styles:  Students are taught practical skills through workshops and taught seminars.  Emphasis is on personal development, enabling students to become active independent learners who are responsible for future projects.  When working on projects students must plan and set targets, so that they use their time efficiently.


Practical exam assignment.  Students produce a portfolio of work based on a practical examination project, in which the students explore a given theme and produce a body of work.

A2 Level

Course Outline:  Students are expected to use all their skills and acquired knowledge to work independently to devise and execute their own topic for their coursework unit.  They produce one large body of work that combines practical photography and theoretical research.  These ideas along with research into other photographers form a 1000 - 3000 word investigation.  The course concludes with a practical examination project, in which the students explore a given theme and produce a body of work.

Teaching and Learning Styles:  Students are taught in workshops as required, working independently.  They participate in individual tutorials and group presentations, whilst developing a strong body of work and portfolio.


  1. Personal Investigation.  A negotiated practical portfolio, which includes a 1000 - 3000 word investigation

  1. 15 hour controlled examination with 12 weeks of preliminary research.

Assessment:  Marked by staff, moderated by exam board (OCR)



Image by Becky Lee


Image by Georgette Gavey


Rhiannon Fitch

Image by Rhiannon Fitch


Sam Dorrity

Image by Sam Dorrity


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