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Core Curriculum – ‘AS’ Levels

Programmes of study are agreed to meet individual student need. The majority of Sixth Form students will study four subjects during their first year, reducing to three subjects in the second year. Every student is expected to have at least three subjects as part of their programme of study. 

The Russell Group is publishing Informed Choices, a very helpful document designed to offer students advice on choosing their A-levels (and equivalents).  Please follow this link for further information. 

Changes after the issue of timetables   

It is sometimes possible to change a programme of study after the issue of timetables, but where courses are oversubscribed changes may be difficult to accomplish. In addition it can often be difficult for students to settle when they join a class late, as specialist induction sessions are missed. The first external examinations may be taken in January 2009 and this will create additional problems for students seeking to change course. It should be remembered that significant changes can be made to the programme of study at the end of the first year. A2 courses will commence in June 2009. Students will be required to attend lessons during this time if they wish to have the option of moving into the second year of the course.   

Wider Curriculum

The Wider Curriculum Programme aims to facilitate a broader curriculum than that defined by the academic subjects studied and comprises Personal Development, Personal Development Options and Tutorial Sessions. It includes Citizenship, Personal Social and Health Education as well as Careers and Work Related Learning. The objectives of the Wider Curriculum Programme are:   

  • to develop an awareness of the economic and political environment both locally and in the wider sense 
  • to provide Careers guidance; 
  • to provide opportunities for personal development including aspects of: 
    • health education; 
    • study skills; 
    • personal skills; 
    • problem solving; 
    • philosophy; 
    • working in teams. 
  • to develop a variety of communication skills; 
  • to develop an awareness of the impact of science and technology; 
  • to develop a creative, aesthetic and spiritual awareness; 
  • to provide opportunities for community service; 
  • to develop an appreciation of the importance of physical activity in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and offer opportunities to develop enjoyable leisure activities. 

Induction Programme

When students first join the Sixth Form they will follow a short induction programme which includes a full day of team building activities at Rue Maingy. The day aims to help students:   · to get to know one another · to identify what is expected of them · to prioritise their expectations of the Sixth Form · to recognise themselves as independent learners and to develop appropriate learning strategies · to provide a wide range of challenges and opportunities as they embark on new courses · to promote teamwork and confidence in a variety of different roles · to manage their time effectively.  

Personal Development

These sessions are the same for all students and cover a wide variety of topics. Lessons in Year 12 & 13 cover aspects of Personal, Social and Health Education. Careers and Work Related Learning and Citizenship. The student reviews take place during these sessions and as far as possible tutors will be working with their groups in the activities that take place. There will also be outside speakers from within the Island and from the U.K. During Year 13 the emphasis is on application for employment and/or further study.

Personal Enrichment Programme

The Personal Enrichment Programme enables students to select their own combination of options from a wide variety of opportunities offered to them, which will enable them to develop themselves as individuals and gain a wide variety of skills and experiences. These courses allow students to gain additional qualifications, to play an active role in the community, to participate in a range of activities or to pursue a course of study in an area of general interest. The size of the Sixth Form makes it possible to offer a wide range of activities including all the usual team games.  Sixth Form students make a major contribution to senior school teams.



For any queries on dates, please contact the school on 256571. A weekly calendar is sent to parents for both the lower school and Sixth Form Centre. 

The school term dates can be accessed from the Education Departments website.

Request for Leave of Absence
Parents are advised that leave of absence taken in term time have a serious effect on on school work.  In accordance with the islands Attendance Policy, requests to take a student out of school should be made in writing to the Headteacher by completing the attached form. 

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